Iconify API: Node.js

There are 2 versions of Iconify API:

This documentation is for the Node.js version of Iconify API.

Node.js version of Iconify API is harder to use, but it is preferred solution. It is slightly faster than the PHP version because all collections are loaded only once.

To install API, first clone or download Iconify API from GitHub: https://github.com/iconify/api.js.

Custom icons

If you want to host custom icons, add your custom icons in directory "json". Make sure file name matches icons prefix (for icons with prefix "custom-icons" file should be named "custom-icons.json").


API does not require configuring, but if you do want to customize installation, there are several configuration options available.

See Node.js API configuration options.

Starting API

After you have configured API, next step depends on how you want to host API.

Hosting with Elastic Beanstalk

If you are using Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, there is nothing else to change. Iconify API is ready to be used with EB.

Compress directory, log in to AWS console, click "Elastic Beanstalk".

Select "Web development environment" option, then fill out form. From choice of platforms select "Node.js", in application code option upload API archive.

That's it. It will take few minutes to start. Your API instance will have custom sub-domain name assigned to it, use it to test API.

Hosting in a custom hosting environment

Setting up hosting in custom hosting environment is a bit harder than in AWS Elastic Beanstalk. It requires installing and configuring server software.

Due to complexity, this section is split into separate document.

See hosting Iconify API in custom environment.