Iconify for Sketch

Want to add icons to your designs?

Iconify for Sketch got you covered. One plug-in offers over 80,000 icons from 90+ icon sets.

With Sketch plug-in you can:

  • Browse icon sets.
  • Search icon sets.
  • Import any icon as vector shape to Sketch document.

It is completely free! All icon sets offered with Iconify are available with open source licenses.


Go to plug-in releases page, download the latest file, unpack it, open iconify.sketchplugin in Finder. Finder should launch Sketch that should install plug-in.

If plug-in installation fails, copy iconify.sketchplugin to ~/Library/Application Support/com.bohemiancoding.sketch3/Plugins/.


In Sketch menu select "Plug-ins", then "Iconify" or press Ctrl+Shift+I.

Browse or search icons, select any icon, click "Import" button. Plug-in will import icon to your current project.


Importing icon: Iconify for Sketch: footer

Big choice of "home" icons: Iconify for Sketch: search results

Collections list: Iconify for Sketch: browse collections Iconify for Sketch: browse collections

Importing multiple icons: Iconify for Sketch: browsing icons set

Available icons

By default, it offers all icons available on Iconify API to Sketch projects.

Plug-in is open source and can be customised. You can:

  • Configure Icon Finder to display only your icon set.
  • Configure Icon Finder to use different Iconify API end point.

All you need to do is change Icon Finder configuration and rebuild plug-in. See Svelte components package of Iconify Icon Finder documentation.

Source code

All source code is available at Iconify for Sketch repository.

Iconify for Sketch is based on Svelte components package of Iconify Icon Finder.

To build it, install all necessary dependencies and run npm run build. Build script will generate iconify.sketchplugin that you can install.