Iconify for Svelte function: listIcons

This tutorial is part of Iconify for Svelte functions tutorial.

Function listIcons() lists available icons.


Function has the following optional parameters:

  • provider, string. Lists only icons from one API provider.
  • prefix, string. Lists only icons with specific prefix. If prefix is set, provider must be set too (for Iconify public API provider value is empty string "").

Function returns array of icon names.


import { listIcons } from '@iconify/svelte';

// List all icons
import { listIcons } from '@iconify/svelte';

// List all loaded Material Design Icons
console.log(listIcons('', 'mdi'));
// ["mdi:alert", "mdi:home", "mdi:account-box-outline", "mdi:eyedropper", "mdi:account-off", "mdi:account", "mdi:account-box", "mdi:account-cash"]