Web component function: disableCache

This tutorial is part of Iconify Icon web component tutorial.

Function disableCache() disables caching in localStorage and sessionStorage.

When component retrieves new icons from API, icon data is stored in browser storage. Cache makes rendering faster because component can retrieve icons from cache instead of sending API query. Unlike API queries, cache is instant.

By default, localStorage is enabled, sessionStorage is disabled.


Function has the following parameter:

  • storage. Storage to disable.

Storage types

First parameter can be one of the following:

  • "local" for localStorage.
  • "session" for sessionStorage.
  • "all" for both localStorage and sessionStorage.


import { disableCache } from 'iconify-icon';

// Disable caching in localStorage
import { disableCache } from 'iconify-icon';

// Disable all caching


  • Enabling or disabling cache will not affect icon data already stored in cache. Icon data will always be loaded, regardless of setting. Setting affects only storing new icon data retrieved from API.
  • Setting affects only icon data loaded from API. Icon data loaded with addIcon() or addCollection() is not cached.
  • When both localStorage and sessionStorage are enabled, icon data is cached only in localStorage.