Icon sources

You can use Iconify with any icons.

By default, Iconify includes over 80k free icons from various icon sets, including the most popular icon sets: Material Design Icons, FontAwesome, Bootstrap Icons, EmojiOne, Noto Emoji and many other icon sets.

You can also use Iconify with your own icons or premium icons. Iconify offers various tools for importing, manipulating and exporting icon sets. There are several examples showing how to import some popular icon sets, such as FontAwesome Pro.

Iconify API

Iconify API makes it easy to use thousands of icons without creating any icon bundles. Icons are loaded on demand. Loading icons on demand has massive advantages over bundles:

  • No need to pre-package icons. Icons are loaded dynamically when needed. That makes it very easy to use.
  • Only the icons used on web pages are loaded. That means:
    • Huge choice of icons. Icons that are not used are not loaded, so there is no limit on how many icons can be served by API.
    • Developers are no longer limited to one icon set. Developers can mix icons from Material Design Icons, FontAwesome, Unicons and many other icon sets on the same page.

By using Iconify API, you are relying on uptime of third party servers. Sometimes it is not desirable.

Custom API

API software is open source, which means you can host your own API on your servers. That allows you to have full control over servers or to host your own icon sets.

Bundled icons

Iconify API requires the visitor to be online. Sometimes that is a bad thing, but do not worry, there are alternative solutions.

The easiest solution is to create icon bundles. This requires a bit of coding. Icon sets are available on NPM and Packagist, making it easy to use with Node.js and PHP build tools.

Icon components

Most of the Iconify components rely on icon components to provide icon data.

Icon components are very easy to use: import icon component and pass data to Iconify implementation.

Unlike icon bundles that bundle several icons in one file, icon components use separate files for each icon.