Iconify API

Iconify API serves icon data to visitors.

How does it work?

mdi:home mdi:alert

Implementation (SVG Framework, React with API, etc...) has names of icons that it must render. Icon names are passed as parameters to components or as placeholder element's attribute.


Icon Names


Implementation requests data for icons from Iconify API.


Icon Data


API sends data for requested icons.

API hosts thousands of icons, but sends only data for icons that implementation has requested.

<p><svg class="iconify iconify-inline" data-icon="mdi:home" style="vertical-align: -0.125em" height="1em" ...>...</svg> Home</p>
<div class="alert">
  <svg class="iconify" data-icon="mdi:alert" height="1em" ...>...</svg> Important alert!
Implementation renders SVG using data it retrieved from Iconify API.

Thousands of icons

When you are using an icon font, font contains all icons, even ones you do not need. That limits number of icons that a font can have.

When you are using Iconify implementation that relies on Iconify API, such as SVG Framework or Iconify components with API support, implementation requests data only for icons that are used on the current page. Iconify API sends only data for icons that implementation has requested.

Because implementations do not load icons they do not need, Iconify API can host many icons. Visitors do not waste bandwidth loading icons they do not see.

Iconify public API

By default, Iconify implementations use Iconify public API.

Iconify public API offers over 90 icon sets that include over 80k icons. All icons are from free icon sets.

To improve loading times, API is hosted on multiple servers in different parts of the world. Icons are usually loaded within 1/10 of a second. Iconify implementations also cache loaded icons in browser cache and/or browser storage, so icon data needs to be loaded only once.

Custom API

API is open source, which means you can host your own API on your servers. That allows you to have full control over servers or to host your own icon sets.

All icons available on Iconify public API are available on GitHub, which means you can easily setup your own Iconify API instead of relying on third party servers.

You can also use Iconify API software to host custom or premium icon sets.


Available documentation for Iconify API: