Tools for developers

Iconify offers several libraries that help with converting icons, manipulating icon sets and generating icons.

Available libraries:


Iconify Utils is a set of reusable functions used by icon components and other packages. Its main purpose is to read IconifyJSON icon sets and extract data from it.

Utils package contains the following functions:

  • Reading IconifyJSON icon sets.
  • Extracting subsets of icons or single icons.
  • Generating SVG.
  • Validating icon names used by icon components, such as mdi:home.

Additionally, it contains functions for:

  • Parsing and validating colors. This can used by color input in icon picker.

Package works in any environment: node, browser, deno, and closed JavaScript environment.


Iconify Tools is a large package, its main purpose is to retrieve icons from various sources, validate them, clean them up and generate IconifyJSON icon sets as well as various NPM packages.

Tools package contains the following functions:

  • Importing icons from SVG icon sets, Figma documents.
  • Validating icons, cleaning up content, optimising icons.
  • Exporting icons to IconifyJSON icon sets and several NPM packages.

This package works only in node environment, not usable for browser oriented packages.

Main purpose is to generate Iconify icon sets. Tools are used to retrieve icons from various sources, clean them up, then export icon set, then it can be used by various components with help of Iconify Utils.

Old libraries

Iconify JSON Tools is similar to Iconify Utils, but has been deprecated. Switch to Iconify Utils.

Iconify Tools v1 is an older version of Iconify Tools.