Iconify JSON Tools

This article is for deprecated Iconify JSON Tools.

Iconify JSON Tools has been replced with Iconify Utils

Iconify JSON Tools is a lightweight library for working with icon sets in Iconify JSON format.

Library is available in 2 languages: JavaScript that runs in Node.js environment and PHP.

This library is not designed for importing, cleaning up and exporting icons. Those functions are done in Iconify Tools.


To install library run:

npm install @iconify/json-tools --save
composer require iconify/json-tools


There are two classes in this library: Collection and SVG.


Collection class represents an icon set.

What can Collection class do?

  • Read and write JSON collections.
  • Add, remove, list icons in an icon set.
  • Retrieve icon data.
  • Create icon bundles for Iconify icon sets.

See Collection class documentation.


SVG class represents an icon.

It has only one purpose: generate <svg> strings that can be used to add icons to documents.

See SVG class documentation.