This constant is part of Iconify Utils package.

Constant defaultIconCustomisations is used for default FullIconifyIconCustomisations values.

It is merged from 2 parts:


Constant defaultIconSizeCustomisations represents size customisations: width and height:

const defaultIconSizeCustomisations = {
   width: null,
   height: null,


Constant defaultIconTransformations represents transformations:

const defaultIconTransformations = {
   rotate: 0,
   vFlip: false,
   hFlip: false,

Default values for transformations are shared with IconifyIcon type.


import { defaultIconCustomisations, mergeCustomisations } from '@iconify/utils';

// Add horizontal flip and custom height
const fullCustomisations = {
   hFlip: true,
   height: 24,

// Add horizontal flip again, but merge it properly using mergeCustomisations(), resulting in hFlip = false
const mergedCustomisations = mergeCustomisations(fullCustomisations, {
   hFlip: true,

Usually it is used with mergeCustomisations() function.

It is also used in functions that require only partial customisations, such as iconToSVG(), but internally actually use full customisations.