FullIconifyIcon type

FullIconifyIcon type is used in Iconify Utils to handle icon data.

You can find this type in src/icon/index.ts of Iconify Utils source code.

This type is identical to IconifyIcon, except that all properties are mandatory.

import type { IconifyIcon } from '@iconify/types';

export type FullIconifyIcon = Required<IconifyIcon>;

See IconifyIcon type for details.


   "body": "<path d=\"M7 6v12l10-6z\" fill=\"currentColor\"/>",
   "left": 0,
   "top": 0,
   "width": 24,
   "height": 24,
   "rotate": 0,
   "vFlip": false,
   "hFlip": false


To convert IconifyIcon to FullIconifyIcon, use function fullIcon().